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Pre-primary and primary

2 years 9 months - 4 years

Pre-primary and primary classes are for the youngest dancers from the age of 2 years 9 months. The classes start to teach children musicality and develop co-ordination, confidence and self-awareness. I use stories and themes to stimulate the imagination and engage the children. When your child reaches the age of 4, we take part in class examinations which are designed for young children beginning ballet.


Class examinations

Standards are also class examinations and were originally designed for those learning ballet for enjoyment and recreation. There are standards between each grade from 1 to 6, and prepare pupils for the grade exam with both technique and confidence. Senior Certificates 1 and 2 are offered for older students to bridge the gap between the grades and vocational examinations.


Technical examinations

Grade Examinations Levels 1-6 are available for young dancers who wish to study ballet in greater depth. These grades are more technical than a standard exam, but are vital for improvement in the art. At Grade 5, my pupils get their first pointe shoes and we start to build strength in the feet for dance en pointe. 

Vocational exams

Higher level examinations

Vocational examinations are designed for older students who wish to study ballet in depth. They include Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1, Advanced 2 and Diploma. These exams are a pathway to the professional examinations and are usually taken by those wishing to pursue a career in dance. Pointe work is obligatory in all major examinations.

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